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Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Prophecy, Last Message demo.

Got invited to Moksha art Fair & Condor Eagle event in Miami, so we produced a new demo for our EXP FILM.. Enjoy and know we are the ones we have been wairting for. Dont foerget to visit...

Listen to internet radio with prophecykeepers on Blog Talk Radio
Met Robert Ghost Wolf in 1997, came to Miami Circle with Richard Hoogland...Nice interview...

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Slide Shw of Propehcy Last Message.

New Prophecy, LM Demo for 2012

In the Space of time, I have seen this film be transformed, rearranged and feel we are in a quickening...I got invited to Miami by my good bro, Ray from Moksha Family Collective. The event Condor Eagle Moksha Art 3 days before I get on a with a dear sister, Adriana and edited this 5 min demo...A labor of love and a Prophecy in Motion...holy commotion...Love Potion! Enjoy!

Friday, March 11, 2011

9th Wave of Solar Love

Dear Family of Light,

A New Wave is upon us...a Sacred Song from the Sun, a 9th Wave in Solar Awakening.

The Shift in Cosmic frequencies can be felt and are rearranging our Spiritual don't worry if you have been feeling out of sync lately, it is part of the Divine Plan.

Today I got the news that a dear brother in Colombia named Gerardo, A Mayan Master had left this plane.

Like a Solar Sun we awaken to take our Body of Light.

A sage once said, all our breathes are counted, each is given a certain amount of time and we return to Infinity.

Imagine the Galactic Center and your Eternal Center being activated by the eclipses of Dec/Jan and the solar flares we we are seeing now.Remember now is all there is.

They are opening doorways, clearing old movies and reprogramming your being on the cellular level.

The Sun is on Hydrogen-Hologram mode, like a Star Code.

Nothing seems as it is and everything seems to be changing. So we change to be rearranged.

We are entering a new code in Time, a shift in the Solar Galactic Dream, a memory deep within remembers, showing you things of mystery.

Time is you and me. We are in Time, but come from out of time.

The Sun is a powerful symbol of Life, doorways to Divinity, gateways to Infinity. It also represents God, Inti, and when our Sun awakens, we feel a reboot in the soul computer.

God as the Ocean of Wisdom, teaching me to be free, we see a new dream being played out in our future, being understood now.

A Time to be One with God, with your family and with the dream you have encoded in your spiritual database.

Having Faith in One, we become carefree and are able to fly with the wings of love.

Can you feel One Strength and One Support? Can you see the Light of God returning you to the essence.

We see our eternal nature, a dot, just a tiny point of light that can time travel in infinity, become still and be above it all. You have always been peace and always will, so eternal you are that we forget our greatness.

Become Time. Feel time slow down, your thoughts slow down, you fill yourself with power, shanit returns again.

Who is it that travels through time and space? You the soul, a light that has a recording of everything from the beginning of time, like a tree who sees all in silent witness.

So what time is it? Can you stop time or at least slow it down? As is your thoughts so will be your experience.

A space between thoughts brings peace, like the space between notes in music creates harmony.

These past few days have given me a chance to be light and carefree.

Being in Miami, spending time with my family, gives new meaning to Love, what is healing if love is not present.

Like Songs of Happiness flowing from my heart. I had to heal the past and see with new eyes the beauty of

drama and how everything is perfect...divine order in the craziness.

In the Eyes of God I become merged, all else is detail, background noise.

A jewel in the eyes of the Magician and he was changing me into a butterfly and everyone around me.

Flying with the wind, I could feel God was the wind and He knew exactly where I must land.

In The Hand of God, worry is a useless word.

The more I create happiness in myself by watching the game like a butterfly, I feel a power that no one can take away. The nourishment of Happiness fills the mind and intellect with such Shakti, that you feel like a carefree emperor in the Heart Throne of God, a power and blessing that makes you ever healthy, ever wealthy, ever wise.

A couple months ago I talked about a renewed awareness of the need to be Silent and Listen, to become timeless.

These 2 words have the same letters. When we listen to our higher self we can see our purpose in life and sometimes it is clearer in Silence. Take time to go to within, to a space where time is absent, in the soul world vibrating next to God.

Have you ever tried to stand still? What would happen if you really became still and silent? I know this is hard for your children and even some gown ups, but it is essential for peace of mind. A scattered mind is on a crash course with destiny. A calm mind controls and creates destiny.

You can stop time and it is all in the power of pure thinking. One Pure thought can take you to God directly, no middle man or side scenes. Remember you are the Masters of Time. Timeless, Free and Double-Light.

So imagine the Sun in your third eye and you expand to become the solar system, planets revolve around you and you hold earth in between your hands. From the Soul World, God as Shiva in the form of a Powerful Sun beyond time is sending a Golden Healing light down your crown chakra and it shines from the 3rd eye, your Sun, a blue light

expands from your heart and a red-green light explodes from your eyes. We heal the earth with our thoughts and imagination. Just the simple act of prayer or a thought of love to nature will protect you in future days when nature will seem crazy. Just look at the nature of things today. Nothing is a given and anything can happen suddenly. So it is important to be awake with your 3rd Eye and become a destroyer of obstacles.

In the end all obstacles come to make you stronger and when you see the game, a smile of happiness makes it all go away.

Going deeper into Silence, we slow down our thoughts and peace is the result. We feel the Soul World is our

true home. It is like I am swimming in an ocean of peace…. nirvana, beyond sound and I am just a seed of light

dancing with dolphins, angels and my family of star beings. No worries of the world down below.

We are beings of peace, so why not become peace in action with a generous dose of love.

Listen to God, really listen….. He is only a thought away and loves you more than you can imagine.

We can be at our darkest night, but there is a wonderful Light at the end of the tunnel.

You are connected to that Light and He Loves you, now and forever. So smile and be happy!

When we feel that Energy, that original peace that has no words, then the heart opens like a flower.

You love the true U, a point of light you are. Loving each other, God smiles. One smile from God can heal a million broken hearts. Love flows in timeless directions and Peace is my birthright.

Your heart is healed and all the past is just a cosmic video.

Wisdom is knowing this world is just a stage to express your divinity. When you see that Eternal Light and remember who You really are…then Listening with an open heart becomes a way of life.

Listen and be Silent, this can set you free.

This is Love in action. Surrender and Devotion to a Higher plan. Peace with no reaction.

Flow like a river of love returning to the Ocean and feel the Magic of being a Master, a seed of light

creating heaven on earth. The Supreme Being, the Light of the World is with you, so why not share that

light with the world. You are powerful beyond measure. We are the ones the world is waiting for.

Open the Golden Heart, the Inner Sun and let the Light shine thru.

When we re-connect with the oldest memory of the soul, that state of peace which is eternal, we can then

re-establish peace in our inner world. This is the start of peace in the Global consciousness.

Om Shanti, once u were this…becoming Shanti, Peace again.

9th Wave of Solar Love comes to awaken you to the higher songs of the Sun.

Much love, peace and blessings,

Lucho L Condor

A New Earth will emerge from the ashes of confusion....


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The KOGI, Lost Tribe with a Message of Peace

The KOGI, Lost Tribe with a Message of Peace

Around 25 years ago I saw an amazing video called from the “Heart of the World.” It was about a unique Indigenous
community that lived in Northern Colombia who say they are keeping the world in balance. I was so impressed because
they are still living with the same spiritual values and traditions of their ancestors, but the ecological warning the
Kogi’s shared touched a nerve.
The nerve was I needed to more about this special Tribe…One day I would be with them on their land and learn the secrets
of the Mamos.

I was born in Bogota, Colombia in 1959 and came to the US in 1960, so I never had a chance to really understand my roots
and my Colombian heritage. When I saw how the Kogi lived I was determined to find a way to meet them. The only problem was
they don’t like tourists and getting into their land is very difficult, not to mention that today there is para-military
control, a FRAC guerrillas, corrupt officials and not sure who to trust. We forget Colombia has been at war for more
than 45 yrs and has riches beyond description. The senseless killings of Elders and destruction of the Sierra is a sad
state of affairs.

In May 1995 I moved to Brazil to work for Ford Motor Company to promote an internal communications campaign called
Ford 2000 in Latin America. Then I spent 1 year at the World Headquarters in Detroit working in the International
Public Affairs covering Asia, India and Latin America. Life was good but deep down I had a need to understand my roots.
In April of 1997, I went to Colombia on a business trip and met some people who had just returned from the Sierra Nevada
where the Kogi live. I was having major synchronicities about the Kogi and my heart kept feeling I needed to find a way
to communicate with them.

In June of 1997 a lifelong dream came true for me. I had taken a leave of absence from my job at Ford or in other
words…quit…and decided to go to a special event called the 2nd International Gathering of Priest and Elders of the
Americas” in the Amazon region of Colombia. “Mayan Elder Don Alejandro was the key Elder for this event that started
in Guatemala in 1996. I knew I had to be there. When I arrived I started helping with the logistics of the conference.
We were expecting about 300 elders and bridge people from more than 13 countries and being back in Colombia was a blessing.
That event changed my life and I made a promise to my Kogi brothers that one day I would return and help them out.
I have been back to the sacred mountain countless times and each time the situation gets more intense.

A few weeks ago I had a chance to go to the Sierra and feel the energy of the Sacred Mountain. Deep profound insight
came to me in dreams and can feel the Prophecy in Motion.
From the inception of our film we have had a Humanitarian aspect. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the natives
living there are suffering and not many people understand the importance of the spiritual work the Mamos are doing.

The Humanitarian Campaign will have 3 key objectives:
* Raise awareness of the critical situation the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is in and the humanitarian crisis of the 4
main Tribes.
* Bring medical supplies, food and smiles to Children and Hospitals in Santa Marta and Bogota. Partnership with Airline

* Create Media Campaigns and Events that raise funds for Organizations that are working to Protect the Sierra and
creating a better world for our Children. Music & Films 4 Peace-
Alliances with Tambora Foundation ,
Sustainable Earth Foundation
The Kogi and all the tribes in the Sierra are asking for help and the time has come to hear the call.

A little history …..

More than 500 years ago the Kogi fled high into a sacred mountain in Northern Colombia called the Sierra Nevada de
Santa Marta, the Spanish had arrived and the message was not good. The Elders believe the Sierra Nevada to be the “Mother”
and the “Heart of the World.” The Sierra Nevada, in the shape of a pyramid is where the Andes chain begins or ends,
depending on your perspective. If you look at the Andes, the Sierra is the crown chakra or top most part of South America.
It is like a spinal column and the sacred mountain is the 3 eye. The Kogi are unique among the world’s Indigenous cultures
because they were never conquered by the Spaniards. They are said to have memory of the beginning of time and remember the
rampage the conquistadors brought to their region in 1498.

In 1988 the Kogi allowed a BBC journalist Alain Ereira to film a documentary about their culture. This was a historic event.

Many years have come and gone and the situation in the Sierra has gotten worse. Ecological destruction, mega dam
projects, cocaine wars and Monsanto and you can imagine how these sacred people feel.

In June of 1997 after the Indigenous conference I was invited to visit the Kogi via Guatapuri on the Western side of the
Sierra. This created a bond of friendship and trust. For more than 13 years I have been learning the complexities of the
Sierra and the differences in between the various tribes and NGOs. Yes it is a bit more complicated that you can imagine
and that will be another article.
Prophecy, Last Message has been a labor of love. I have never done a film before and it has
been a journey. Our film is not about any one Tribe but more about the Rainbow Bridge People, you and me… who unite these
2 Sacred Birds, the Condor and the Eagle to fulfill a Prophecy written in Stone many moons ago.

We are the “Younger Brother” who are destroying the Earth and causing an ecological imbalance. Now it is our turn to affect
future generations with a story whose time has come.
A Unique Film that will give you an Experience.

So who are these Kogi anyway? What is so special about them? Why would I spend so much time trying to do a crazy film about

The Kogi are the direct descendants of the Tayrona civilization. The Tayrona culture flourished in Northern Colombia around
1,000 AD. They left behind stunning gold artwork, stone and pottery artifacts and an amazing network of brick roads
covering the Sierra Nevada, not to mention a few lost cities. Kogi society has changed little in the past five centuries.
They survived as a culture because the Kogi focus all their energy on the life of the Aluna, Thought and Potential, a mind
as opposed to the life of a body or an individual. Fundamental to that survival is the maintenance of physical
separation from their world and our own. They are very protective of their sacred space and the dense jungle is not
kind to tourists.

Where do they live?
The Kogi live in the higher regions of the Sierra Nevada. Many self-sustaining communities are on the Western part of the
Mountain accessible through Valledupar, which is located in the State of Cesar. The Sierra Nevada is the highest
coastal mountain in the world only 26 miles from the beach. It is located near the Equator, which means it has no
seasons. Day and night are of equal length all year round. It has every eco-system in its 17,000 km2 area.
The highest peak is the Pico Simon Bolivar at 5,775 mtrs. So in this mountain area all the eco-systems of earth
are present creating a mini earth. From the sea the mountain goes straight to snow capped peaks.

Why are they unique?
The Kogi represent the most complete surviving civilization of pre-Columbian America. They are not hunter-gatherers
or a wondering tribe. They are a nation whose fields have been continuously cultivated for more than a thousand years.
The Kogi believe they are the “Elder Brothers,” the Guardians of life on Earth. Through their mind power and meditation
they keep the world in balance. They live in “Aluna,” an inner world of thought and potential. They are now concerned
because their Mountain is dying.

Everything about their history and religion is passed down through oral instructions and their lives are run by the
spiritual leaders or Shamans named “Mamas.” The Kogi Mamas are chosen from birth and spend the first nine years of
childhood in a cave in total darkness learning the ancient secrets of the spiritual world or Aluna. They are the priests
and judges who control Kogi society. All major decisions and shamanic work is done by Divination. All is the world of
Aluna, so the Mamas see a reflection of the physical world first in the spiritual world. If Aluna is the Mother, then the
Kogi listen to the Mother by divining. This lost technique of divination is what keeps the Kogi world in balance and order.
The Mamas are worried that the “Younger Brother” has not heeded the first warning. If the Sierra Nevada or the Mother dies,
the world will also die.

Of unique importance is that the Kogi are a peaceful tribe that have never killed one of their own and rarely intermarry.
They never grow gray hair and have no facial hair. They can spend 9 days awake without sleep during their ceremonial rites.
They are now beginning to learn Spanish because they realize the importance of communicating with the outside world.
They also need to understand the Colombian Government’s laws regarding the Sierra Nevada, which was named a Historical
Heritage by UNESCO and a National Park by the Colombian Government.

So as you can see and read we are on a mission. I have learned many lessons along the way of producing this film and
humanitarian campaign. But he most important is not to give up…Believe me this thought has crossed my mind several times
and all it takes is a trip to this sacred land and you will understand.

When I was there a few weeks ago, I could feel the power of pure clean rivers, a roaring of thunder and rain like never
before. But it is the water that is what this region is all about. Water is the Gold of the Future and Present, a gift
of our Mother and we wonder if we are really protecting it. Without this precious resource, few of us would be alive.

So I invite you to be part of our journey, to get an insider´s view of a unique Experience Film, to help preserve a
culture and sacred space that will be Light for the Future. A Prophecy in Motion!

The Kogi have a lot to teach us. Are we ready to listen?

See a old short we did..not 4 sale...but learning how to produce...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back in Colombia, memories in time 2 Canada 2009

After a few years I am back in of my birth and pure magic.

We are the Prophecy in I was reviewing my Eagle exp in Canada...see the video below.

Find more videos like this on International Indigenous Leadership Gathering 2010

International Indigenous Leadership Gathering.

A time to reveal the open secret...